Best Hamster Cages

Best Cage for Syrian Hamsters

Your hamster will be most happy when they are provided with plenty of space to run around in. It is a good rule to follow that you could get as big a cage as possible for your hamster

The RPSCA recommends a tank with a minium size of 10 gallons, or 200 square inches of floor 

The larger Syrian hamsters need a cage that's big enough to allow a large hamster wheel to fit in so they don't injur their backs whilist running.

A larger cage is more fun for you as a hamster owner since you can fit more accessories and toys inside it. 

You can get cages with smaller floors but have expanding tubes and connectable areas.

If you have a Dwarf Hamster, it's important to make sure they cannot fit though the bars. 

Experienced hamster lovers on web forums tend to recommend at least 360 square inches of floor area.